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goals not met

November 22nd, 2018 at 09:07 am

Well none of my goals were met this year and won't be met by the end of this year due to life getting in the way...so have written the rest of this year off...we will start over next year and hope life is a bit kinder to us.

On the upside I have lost 12 pounds this year (without trying) hoping next year I can exercise again and lose some more weight

We will start out with some savings but not sure how much yet but will update next year...

also doing thanksgiving this year (sat) as our youngest wants to haven't done it in years so should be interesting...we don't celebrate here...hope everyone has a great thanksgiving

3 Responses to “goals not met”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Way to go on the weight loss!

    Sorry you didn't meet any of your goals, but did you do better than not having them? Sometimes that is a way to show progress!

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Sometimes life does get in the way.. Maybe you can think of 1 or 2 small things that you can do that can help you out next year? A few years back I had to rebuild our savings and did the 52 week challenge along with a couple of other challenges and that really did well. Fingers crossed that next year is your year!

  3. mumof2 Says:

    thankyou I have lost a little more weight so that is nice.

    Our budget is set for next year already has been done for a few months now so it should be ok...our financial goals were not met due to my health and tests/specialist etc...pretty sure we won't need any of those next year except for the neuro physiotherapist which we should be able to cover no problem, have also written up a whiteboard with goal amounts that I can sign off as we save

    I was just disappointed that we didn't reach our savings goals this year but we are debt free and have some savings so better than nothing

    Also have to save as our friend from the US is coming to visit for 3 months..and we are buying her plane tickets...can't wait

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