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groceries really going up

July 13th, 2022 at 02:37 am

I did an online order the other day and the prices have gone way up...I have to say that we don't drink/smoke etc so we do eat good brand food for some just tastes better and we have a certain milk that my hubby and DD drink as it helps his asthma/copd and settles better in her stomach (A2 milk) it has gone up in the last couple weeks from $5.20 per 2 litres to $6 😳....we buy eggs that are from our state and they are jumbo and $7.50 per dozen (but they last so much longer than others and taste so much better)...our food bill is going up...a whole waterlon was $30 online (no we didn't get one) glad it is winter and we use our slow cooker a lot so we can chuck everything in a big pot and just cook it all day and have a healthy meal for dinner with lots of vegies/lentils etc...we are looking up other things that we can all eat that may be fairly cheap to cook...hubby can't have any tomato based foods since his cancer treatment....I have food can be tricky but we do our best...trying not to raise our food budget more than the $1000 a month that it is now...also going to start going back to the markets now that we are starting to feel better...just hope they don't keep rising much more...and I can't wait till spring when we can grow some of our own food again....

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