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Don't stress but always drama

November 11th, 2022 at 12:28 am

My doctor tells me to cut as much stress out of my life as I possibly can...that doesn't happen in this house especially with a teen living here right nephew just turned 17...a  year ago my mom left to live in another area becuase of the high cost of rent she couldn't afford to live here anymore, so nephew who she has raised from birth went to live with my sister...she always had extra people living in the house, would cook or anything so even thouh they were paying for food they would hardly eat as there was nothing to eat...he sometimes slept in a bed, then the couch and eventually the floor...there was constantly yelling in the house....and he maybe went to school 1 day a week if he was mum was stressed to the max as she didn't live there and he didn't tell her what was going on as he didn't want to worry here...she came down and he was so skinny and sick looking and she was so upset and the stress put her in the she talked to me about it and I said he was going to move in with us that weekend and told him he didn't have a choice...and he did...he has missed 3 days of school in 3 months due to illness, he has a room to himself so he is sleeping well...he has plenty to eat (forgot how much teens eat) and he needed it as he looked like a POw with the sunken in face etc.....he has gained 20lbs since living here and is feeling much better and has so much energy now..he was so lethargic thats why he wasn't going to school...he busted his butt and did all the worked he missed out on when he wasn't at school...and he is doing great now and really back into his school work...he loved here comes the drama...the vice principle of the school who is new (about 8 months) decided that he didn't like him and has told him that he will never complete the work and that he should just quit and get a job as he is making the school look bad, he also took him out of the english class he was in and moved him to his class. My nephew handed in all the work a few weeks ago and now that he has proved the teacher worng by getting all the work completed he won't mark it and said that he will fail his class, he can alway get the other english class to mark his work but he won't, so my nephew left class nad called me so I told him to sign himself out of school and come home..which he did. I called the school and told them I wanted to talk to the principle but they said I needed to talk to the coordinator first...well they didn't say who it was..but it turned out to be the teacher in question...I told her that I wasn't going in to talk about the class and theacher with the teacher involved running the meeting that would be a complete waste of time...but I have decided that I will meet with him today as well as my nephew and my mom so we can get this sorted as we need it to be (our school year is over in 4 weeks), he also called me yesterday and was telling me his side of the story and it is different as usual, he was telling me what was said in the meeting...he was only there 5 mins and left and I was at the meeting and called him out on it saying he never said he does lie to cover his butt...but I'm not one to stand back and do nothing, I have given the principle 5 days to respond to my email with a positive outcome or the education dept will step in and help resove the issue, I also think that he is nephew is aboriginal as is his friend and he picks on them constantly and not just them we will see in a couple of hours what will happen a few other things he has done are

used the N word in class 3 times

suspended his friend from school for haing the wrong shorts on but a kid that has been inappropriately touching girls at school and is accused of raping a couple of girls (not at school and police are involved) and he brought mace and a hammer to school got no punishment

continually tells my nephew to quit school as he makes the school look bad

gives them extra work that no-one else has to do

So hopefully today this issue will be done and finished...sorry so long but this is just a caption of what this guy is very frustrating and trying to keep my nephew calm and telling him not to give up on school as that what the guy wants so he can say I told you so has been hard...he is so frustrated....I have also talked to quite a few teachers there that don't like him either.

But on a good note I put $400 on the CC...I have more to put on but our dog has grooming and surgery next week and I'm not sure what it will cost so will wait till that is done and near end of month put more onto the CC until it is paid off...all bills are paid for the month..except food and gas...which we take out every 2 weeks (pay cycle) so things are looking up financially a bit...not like many of you but to be debt free soon and saving again with be a big win for us!!


4 Responses to “Don't stress but always drama”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    That vice principal sounds horrid; he ought to be fired.

  2. mumof2 Says:

    yes he should be we went to the meeting, he told me what my nephew needs to complete, he will mark the work and get another teacher to look at it as well, and he will no longer speak to my nephew alone only during class time or either of them will have another teacher around when they need to discuss they only have like 8 lessons left together for the year so I told my nephew to do what he needs to do and just deal with it and get his work done and then he doesn't have to worry about him...and for 1 of his projects he will be working with another all is finally settled...hopefully they can both do what they have said

  3. rob62521 Says:

    The vice principal sounds like a piece of work...I'm sorry because as a retired educator, it makes me sad when others do not do their job well. Sorry about the stress.

  4. mumof2 Says:

    rob, thankyou yes a lot of parents/carers are having their say but I am not one to back down either and this year is almost over so that makes it easier

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